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Definisjonen av ordet "burma":
rate 1. anagram umbra
rate 2. anagram rumba
rate 3. Chmn., State Peace & Development Council - THAN SHWE, Sr. Gen.
rate 4. Vice Chmn., State Peace & Development Council - MAUNG AYE, Vice Sr. Gen.
rate 5. Prime Min. - THEIN SEIN, Lt. Gen.
rate 6. Sec. One, State Peace & Development Council - TIN AUNG MYINT OO, Lt. Gen.
rate 7. Sec. Two, State Peace & Development Council - YE MINT, Lt. Gen.
rate 8. Min. for Agriculture & Irrigation - HTAY OO, Maj. Gen.
rate 9. Min. of Commerce - TIN NAING THEIN, Brig. Gen.
rate 10. Min. of Communications, Post, & Telegraph - THEIN ZAW, Brig. Gen.
rate 11. Min. of Construction - SAW TUN, Maj. Gen.
rate 12. Min. for Cooperatives - ZAW MIN, Col.
rate 13. Min. of Culture - KHIN AUNG MYINT, Maj. Gen.
rate 14. Min. of Defense - THAN SHWE, Sr. Gen.
rate 15. Min. of Education - CHAN NYEIN
rate 16. Min. of Electric Power 1 - TIN HTUT, Maj. Gen.
rate 17. Min. of Electric Power 2 - KHIN MYAUNG MYINT, Maj. Gen.
rate 18. Min. of Energy - LUN THI, Brig. Gen.
rate 19. Min. of Finance & Revenue - HLA TUN, Maj. Gen.
rate 20. Min. of Foreign Affairs - NYAN WIN, Maj. Gen.
rate 21. Min. of Forestry - THEIN AUNG, Brig. Gen.
rate 22. Min. of Health - KYAW MYINT, Dr.
rate 23. Min. of Home Affairs - MAUNG OO, Maj. Gen.
rate 24. Min. of Hotels & Tourism - SOE NAING, Maj. Gen.
rate 25. Min. of Immigration & Population - MAUNG MAUNG SWE, Maj. Gen.
rate 26. Min. of Industry 1 - AUNG THAUNG
rate 27. Min. of Industry 2 - SAW LWIN, Maj. Gen.
rate 28. Min. of Information - KYAW HSAN, Brig. Gen.
rate 29. Min. of Labor - AUNG KYI, Maj. Gen.
rate 30. Min. of Livestock Breeding & Fisheries - MAUNG MAUNG THEIN, Brig. Gen.
rate 31. Min. of Military Affairs - THIHA THURA TIN AUNG MYINT OO, Lt. Gen.
rate 32. Min. of Mines - OHN MYINT, Brig. Gen.
rate 33. Min. of National Planning & Economic Development - SOE THA
rate 34. Min. of Progress of Border Areas, National Races, & Development Affairs - THEIN NYUNT, Col.
rate 35. Min. of Rail Transport - AUNG MIN, Maj. Gen.
rate 36. Min. of Religious Affairs - THURA MYINT MAUNG, Brig. Gen.
rate 37. Min. of Science & Industry - THAUNG
rate 38. Min. of Social Welfare, Relief, & Resettlement - MAUNG MAUNG SWE, Maj. Gen.
rate 39. Min. of Sports - THURA AYE MYINT, Brig. Gen.
rate 40. Min. for Transport - THEIN SWE, Maj. Gen.
rate 41. Min. in the Office of the Prime Min. - PYI SONE, Brig. Gen.
rate 42. Min. in the Office of the Prime Min. - THAN SHWE
rate 43. Governor, Central Bank of Burma - THAN NYEIN
rate 44. Charge d’Affaires to the US - MYINT LWIN
rate 45. Permanent Representative to the UN, New York - KYAW TINT SHWE
rate 46. Chief of state: Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) Sr. Gen. THAN SHWE (since 23 April 1992)
rate 47. Head of government: Prime Minister, Lt. Gen THEIN SEIN (since 24 October 2007)
rate 48. Cabinet: Cabinet is overseen by SPDC; military junta assumed power 18 September 1988 under name State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC)
rate 49. Elections: none
rate 50. MM (Internet)
rate 51. MM (ISO 3166)
rate 52. MMR (ISO 3166)
rate 53. BM (FIPS 10-4)
rate 54. Currency: kyat (MMK)
rate 55. Burma officially Union of Myanmar; Country, Southeast Asia, on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Area: 261,228 sq mi (676,577 sq km). Population (2002 estimated): 42,238,000. Capital: Yangôn (Rangoon). Inhabitants are chiefly Burman; others include Chin, Shan and Karen. Languages: Burmese (official), many indigenous languages. Religions: Buddhism (the majority), Christianity, animism, Islam and Hinduism. Currency: kyat. Myanmar may be divided into four main regions: the northern and western mountains, the central lowlands and the Shan Plateau in the east. Its major rivers are the Irrawaddy and the Salween. Myanmar's tropical climate is greatly influenced by the monsoons of southern Asia and only about one-sixth of its largely mountainous land is arable. It has a centrally planned, developing economy that is largely nationalized and based on agriculture and trade. Rice is the most important crop and principal export; teak is also important. It is ruled by a military regime; its head of state and government is the chairman of the State Peace and Development Council. The area was long inhabited, with the Mon and Pyu states dominant after the 1st century AD. It was united in the 11th century under a Burmese dynasty that was overthrown by the Mongols in the 13th century. The Portuguese, Dutch and English traded there in the 16th–17th centuries. The modern Myanmar state was founded in the 18th century by Alaungpaya. Conflict with the British over Assam resulted in a series of wars and Myanmar fell to the British in 1885. Under British control, it became Burma, a province of India. It was occupied by Japan in World War II and became independent in 1948. A military coup took power in 1962 and nationalized major economic sectors. Civilian unrest in the 1980s led to antigovernment rioting that was suppressed by force. In 1990 opposition parties won in national elections, but the army continued in control. Trying to negotiate for a freer government amid the unrest, Aung San Suu Kyi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.
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