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De definitie van het woord "radiology":
rate 1. use of radiant energy in medical diagnosis and therapy
rate 2. radiotherapy or therapeutic radiology; Use of radiation sources to treat or relieve diseases, usually cancer (including leukemia). The ionizing radiation primarily used to destroy diseased cells works best on fast-growing cancers. However, radiation can also cause cancer and is no longer used for benign conditions. Other complications include nausea, hair loss, weight loss and weakness. Radioactive substances may be implanted in tumours. External radiation involves 10–20 sessions over several months, either after surgical removal of the growth or when surgery is impossible; it can deliver higher doses to deep tumours than implantation. Infrared radiation and ultraviolet radiation is applied with lamps to relieve inflammation.
rate 3. Branch of medicine that uses radiation for diagnosis (diagnostic imaging) and treatment (radiation therapy) of disease. Originally, it involved X rays for diagnosis and X rays, gamma rays and other ionizing radiation for treatment. Diagnostic methods now include isotope scanning, use of nonionizing radiation, as in ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging and radioimmunoassay (in which radioactive isotopes in antibodies against hormones detect minute amounts of hormones for diagnosis of endocrine disorders). Radiotherapy now includes, in cancer treatment, radioactive hormones and chemotherapeutic drugs.
rate 4. branch of medicine using radiation for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Radiology originally involved the use of X rays in the diagnosis of disease and the use of X rays, gamma rays and other forms of ionizing radiation in the treatment of disease. In more recent years radiology has come also to embrace diagnosis by a method of organ scanning with the use of radioactive isotopes and also with nonionizing radiation, such as ultrasound waves and nuclear magnetic resonance. Similarly, the scope of radiotherapy has extended to include, in the treatment of cancer, such agents as hormones and chemotherapeutic drugs.
rate 5. n the scientific study of the medical use of radiation, esp. x-rays
rate 6. The science of radiation, both ionizing (like X-ray) and nonionizing (like ultrasound), applied to the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Radiology is also known as roentgenology after Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen who discovered X-rays in 1895.
rate 7. The science of diagnosis and/or treatment using radiant energy. Includes x- rays, CT scan, and destruction of tumors by radiation.
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