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De definitie van het woord "only":
rate 1. anagram lyon
rate 2. single; alone
rate 3. solely; exclusively; merely; just
rate 4. but, except
rate 5. in full compact disc read-only memory; Type of computer storage medium that is read optically (e.g., by a laser). A CD-ROM drive uses a low-power laser beam to read digitized (binary) data that have been encoded onto an optical disc in the form of tiny pits, then feeds the data to a computer for processing. Because it uses digital data, a CD-ROM can store images and sound in addition to text and is thus used in video and audio devices to store music, graphics and movies. Unlike conventional magnetic-storage technologies (e.g., hard disks), CD-ROM drives cannot write information (that is, accept the input of new data), hence the tag "read-only." Recordable compact discs (called CD-R) must be written on a CD-R recorder and can be played on any CD-ROM drive.
rate 6. erasable programmable read only memory
rate 7. read only memory
rate 8. compact disc read only memory;
rate 9. S I N G L E O R F E W (adj) (before noun; not gradable) used to show that there is a single one or very few of something, or that there are no others I was the only person on the train. The only people still working at the factory are the maintenance staff. The only problem with your suggestion is that we haven't enough time to carry it out. Is this really the only way to do it? Are you sure there's no alternative? The only thing I can suggest is that you consult your lawyer about it. The only thing that matters is that the baby is healthy. It was the only thing I could do under the circumstances. Rita was the only person to complain. Chris really is the only person (= the one person who is suitable) for the job. An only child is one who has no sisters or brothers. I was an only child so I got a lot of attention from my parents. As the birth rate falls, increasing numbers of children are only children.
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Expressies met "only":
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Nieuws van vandaag met het woord "only":
Palestinian-only buses set off uproar in Israel (3/4/2013)
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's decision to launch a pair of "Palestinian-only" bus lines in the West Bank on Monday — presented by the government as a goodwill gesture, assailed by critics as racism and welcomed by Palestinian riders — is shining a light on the messy situation created by 45 years of military occupation and Jewish settlements in the area.
If only ... upon meeting Van Cliburn (3/5/2013)
If only ... upon meeting Van Cliburn [...] he had red hair (our babies would have been carrot-tops); second, he was tall (I was already towering over most friends at school, especially the boys); then, too, there was his piano playing (I took lessons, too; we could play duets). I wanted to blurt, "I had a major crush on you when I was a kid," but I stopped myself because I thought that peering ...
In Italy, only one thing is certain: Voters are done with politics of old (3/4/2013)
Last week’s Italian elections have yielded an uncertain result, as the center-left coalition led by Pierluigi Bersani’s Partito Democratico (PD) won the absolute majority in the lower house but not in ...
With only 1 regular, Yankees beat Red Sox 5-2 (3/4/2013)
FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) -- Opening day at Yankee Stadium figures to be a lot different than the first meeting of the season between New York and the Boston Red Sox.
Austria Fin Min: Only UK Opposes EU's Capital, Bonus Rules (3/5/2013)
Britain is the only country that opposes tough new European rules that will force banks to build up more robust financial buffers and slap a limit on bonuses, Austrian Finance Minister Maria Fekter said Tuesday.
Online-Only TV Shows Join Fight for Attention (3/4/2013)
An increasing number of TV shows is being produced only for viewing on the Internet, circumventing existing distribution channels in favor of services like Netflix and YouTube.
Only a minor victory for tourists (3/4/2013)
Australia are clinging on against India even if reason suggests they will, before long, be put out of their misery.
Only on 5: Wife of Ridgeway HS basketball player speaks (3/5/2013)
Only on 5, the wife of a Ridgeway High School basketball player reveals a web of lies and deceit that led to major disappointment when the entire team was disqualified from a state tournament.
Only an intervention can end Sabah conflict, says Kiram wife (3/4/2013)
Only the intervention of the United Nations or another country could end the conflict in Sabah, the wife of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III said Monday.
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neerschrijven, of, opsluiten, booreiland, kletskop, sauzen, in geuren en kleuren vertellen over iemiets, ivoor, wegbergen, miauwen
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