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De definitie van het woord "fork":
+2 rate 1. eating utensil with two or more prongs; pitchfork or other agricultural tool with prongs; road junction; branching out; spoke, cog; tuning fork
rate 2. branch out, split, separate, divide; make into the shape of a fork; pierce or lift with a fork
rate 3. implement consisting of two or more prongs supported by a handle, used for cooking, serving and eating food. Forks and spoons together are known as flatware.
rate 4. out (phrasal verb) (I or T), US also fork over, ANZ also fork up, US also fork up (informal) to pay, esp. unwillingly I forked out ten quid for/on the ticket. I couldn't persuade him to fork out (for a new one) . Leave him to me. I'll get him to fork up (for the meal) ! Don't be mean. Fork (it) up/over! (I or T)
rate 5. The part of the bicycle frame that fits inside the head tube and holds the front wheel. Generally called the front fork.
rate 6. The part of the bicycle frame where chainstays and seatstays join to hold the rear axle.
rate 7. A shifting device that is U-shaped and moves gears back and forth on the shaft.shift forks.
rate 8. chess A form of double attack where one piece threatens two enemy pieces at the same time. In a triple fork, three enemy pieces are threatened.
rate 9. crotch
rate 10. a two finger gesture meaning "get fucked"
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